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Information on Company Formations

Since 1994 we have been offering company registration services. We offer online company formation meaning you can set up a new company for your start up business immediately. You can incorporate as a limited liability company or limited liability partnership in the UK. Registering a limited company is easy with Businesslegal.

Businesslegal offer UK Company registration with a full set of limited company documents.

You do everything yourself online. However for those who prefer to pass us the information we can set up the company for you if you simply email us and we can get back with the details we need.

In addition to UK company formation services we offer all necessary ancillary services for online company registration. These include nominee company secretary, registered office, bank account and vat registration. We can also offer telephone and fax number services.

We deal with everything electronically so the company can be incorporated within a few hours.

We can also offer valuable advice and consultancy on all aspects of company management once you are a registered UK company.

So what are you waiting for……