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Registered Office

We can provide a registered office for the company for England and Wales for which fees are  £50 plus vat   £10 = £60 per year. We can also provide a Scottish registered office for fees of   £95 plus vat   £19 = £114 per year.

Every company must have such an address for service of official documents eg court documents or Companies House notices. The registered office address must be shown on all company letterheads, invoices etc.

For additional fees we can arrange voice mail, fax or live answering facilities. You can operate a virtual office, if required using these registered office facilities.

If you would like a registered office address specifically in London then we can provide one in Kensington, London with mail forwarding facilities for £350 plus vat per year.

Director Service Address

Every director must provide  Companies House with both their residential address and a service address for each directorship they currently hold.

The residential address address will only be made available to government organisations and credit reference agencies that need to conduct credit checks and fulfil money laundering regulations. It is not available on the public register. The service address will be placed on the public register. However if both addresses you provide when registering the company are the same then any member of the public can search and find you on the Companies House database

If you opt for a service address provided by us this will enable company directors to keep their home address out of the public domain. The service address is where documents can be sent, so it must be a 'real' address, not a PO Box or a DX number.

We can provide a service address if a director does not wish to use their home address. Our annual fees for this are £50 plus vat.

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